2005 Horses For Sale

SC Travelen Playboy
SC Travelen Playboy
AQHA #4761523 - Bay Stallion - 4-2-05

"Badge" is a big, beautiful, flashy dark bay stallion with a long, thick forelock, mane and tail. He is pretty headed with a nice soft eye and has real good heavy bone mass. He is one of my taller colts, standing about 15HH right now. Badge is riding very well and quietly, even when ridden through the mare pastures. He is quick, athletic and a good easy mover who is ready to go on to further training. He is very gentlle, easy to be around and handle with no worries at all about any bad habits. He likes people and attention and has a willingness to learn. He's very intelligent and learns quickly. $5500.

Playboys Badge Freckles Playboy Jewel's Leo Bars
Gay Jay
Badge Of Courage Peppy San Badger
Tenino Fair
Pnut Butter Sanwitch Travalena Doc O'Lena
Bar Socks Babe
Docs San Witch Docs's Prescription
Peppys Starl

SC Lil Lena Hallmark
SC Lil Lena Hallmark
AQHA #4761522 - Bay Mare - 3-27-05

"Lilly" is an absolutely gorgeous little bay filly who will steal your heart! She has a beautiful little short head with the biggest soft eyes, good straight flat bone and a nice big hip with low hocks and short canon bones. She is about 14.1HH right now and built to get around and get up under herself good. She's a sweetheart that loves attention. Lilly is riding really well and has a very nice way of moving. She's quick, fast, athletic and very intelligent. She is now ready to move on to some training in whatever discipline you choose. She should be an excellent cutting prospect! $3500.

SR Hallmarked Doc's Hickory Doc Bar
Miss Chickasha
Doc's Serendipity Doc Bar
Biltoft's Poco
Smart Lil Chezolena Smart Little Skeezix Smart Little Lena
Freckles Cowboy
Docovegas Ora Doc O'Vegas Boy
Cowboys Cocoa Girl

SC Jesse Dry Tari
SC Jesse Dry Tari
AQHA #4752802 - Palomino Stallion - 2-28-05

"Jesse Rey" is my first baby by Tari Rey. He's a drop-dead gorgeous palomino with a beautiful head, big soft eyes, big hip, very good straight bone with short canons and low hocks, and a wonderful disposition. He is about 15HH now and wide with heavy bone. He has absolutely no bad habits and is very easy to handle and be around. He's quiet, very good minded and good mannered. Jesse is riding really great! He (like all my colts) has been ridden through pastures (even the ones full of mares), across creeks and bridges, through the pond and through woods. He is quiet around all the mares when being ridden and never is a problem. He is very athletic and quick with good fast moves. He is an excellent cutting prospect! $4500.

Tari Rey Doc Tari Doc Bar
Puro's Linda
Tamu Jessie Rey Rey Jay
Choo Choo Jessie
Dry Talos Blazencody Dry Talo Dry Doc
Little Talocha
Deltaladys Lastcody Triggers Cody Otoe
Delta Bar Lady

SC Smart Sonny Rey
SC Smart Sonny Rey
AQHA #4752803 - Sorrel Stallion - 3-1-05

"Sonny" is a really gorgeous sorrel stallion with a lighter mane and tail and a hint of scattered roaning. He has a really pretty head, big soft eyes, good legs and bone, and a big hip. He's low hocked with short canon bones and gets up under himself really well. He is athletic, quick and fast, and a bit more high energy than some of my others. He is really easy to handle, no bad habits, and is riding really good. He is about 14.1 to 14.2HH and is really put together nice. Should be an excellent cutting, reining or barrel prospect. $2500.

Smart Holly Doc Smart Peppy Doc Doc O'Lena
Smart Peppy
Diamond J Holly Doc's Pop Smoke (Dry Doc)
Llemac Poco Susan
Reybar Snapper Sue Mr Rey Bar Chips Lightnin Bar Flash
Jeanie Rey Jean
Snapper Susie Snapper Cal Bar
Susie Prescription

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